At Performance Collision Center, your Indianapolis auto repair center in Zionsville, IN, we know how important it is to preserve our environment. That’s why we have implemented environmentally-friendly approaches in our collision repair processes. Some of these initiatives include:

  • Burning waste oil to heat our building. Oil is generated from oil changes and then recycled and used as fuel to heat our building.

  • Recycling all cardboard boxes, plastic, aluminum, steel, and office paper throughout our building. We utilize Republic Trash for our recycling of cardboard plastic and paper, and Omnisource for our steel and aluminum recycling.

  • A no styrofoam rule. We don’t use any styrofoam anywhere in our body shop.

  • Using Waterborne paint versus solvent-based paint. We are one of only a handful of body shops in Indiana that sprays Waterborne paint. This allows us to cut our energy costs as well as cut our volatile organic compound output by roughly 50%.